Let’s enter a new world of learning, through Heroic Journeys

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Did you know that the Heroic Journeys Project is the result of scientific research? It involves two Universities – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) and Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon (IST), including research from two laboratories, Ludes and Laboratory of the Future, from COPPE/UFRJ, in addition to the Department of Mathematics at  IST

Our research started a few years ago and our knowledge base was built on heroic journeys, from the Fable of the Ox, through the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey. Our first Heroic Journey proposal, called Heroine’s Learning Journey, however, differs from most of the researched journeys, because its creation and intention is not only a spiritual quest, but a quest for learning.

Our journey focuses on empowering students, improving skills and motivating women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), aged between 15 and 21.

Its main objective is to be a motivation framework that helps students overcome the challenges that are present in a STEM course. This is done by guiding the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, presenting inspiring models, supporting trust and self-regulation of learning. Heroine’s Learning Journey follows the traditional three-act structure with twelve stages.

For each stage, we define three main characteristics: its Mission, or Task or Activity, its Story, or Narrative, and Allied Assistance or Support. On the other hand, the learning structure of each stage consists of planning, learning and reflecting on the progress of the of the acquired competences.

Our journey model is designed to be flexible, depending on the course resources that are available, that is, taking into account the technological and/or human resources for the implementation of the course, there will be different possible choices for the functions to be performed.

If you are a student between the ages of 15 and 21, be aware that you will soon receive a call to enter this new world of learning.

Heroine’s Learning Journey will have its first application in a machine learning course with mathematics and Ethics on the IST MOOC platform in March 2022. This course will be offered, mainly in Brazil and Portugal, at no financial cost to students and with a certificate at the end for those who complete the entire course and carry out the assessments.

If you are an institution or person in the education field, please contact us! We have advanced conversations for the application in new courses. In fact, we have already started the new conception of the next journey, for all types of genders and races. Soon we’ll be publishing the full article, containing all our proposals.

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Take the opportunity to also know the work published in partnership with the Secretary of Women of Rio de Janeiro and see the IST news

Good start in this new way of learning and evolving your knowledge in STEM areas.

Heroic Journeys.

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