Our Framework

The application framework is an essential supporting structure to teachers, tutors and education staff that provides a report based input information and association with meta model Heroine’s Learning Journey, lining up all steps and stages from the journey with course’s didactic content.
How to use

1. Sign Up

Sign up to the application using your email, verify it and join the Heroic Journeys system.

2. Register you Course

Log into the system and register your course

3. Apply Framework

With a registered course, apply a framework through the wizard and verify if whether matches the conditions.

Roles within the journey

Learning Journey Designer
Responsible for supporting teachers, defining which functions will be in play, as well as filling the JHL model framework by creating a Course Map, elaborating rules, tutorials and additional resources specific to the course.

The tutor, is the person who provides assistance and / or tutelage to students in a given subject and / or in the acquisition of new skills. Mentoring can take place in different configurations and forms.

Main character of the narrative and leader of the story. In this case, girls between 15 and 21 years old who will receive the call from Malala, related to STEM learning.

Learner Heroine
An apprentice who becomes a heroine apprentice for having completed the entire journey of a STEM course. She will return as a mentor or ally in a future course to help other students. If this is not possible in the proposed course, the student can leave messages to help and motivated new students who are still advancing, without interacting directly with them.

Responsible for the course.

They assist the heroine at different times on her journey. It may be another heroine on her own personal quest, specialists in a particular subject, an apprentice heroine or another type of helper.

Mother Goddness
Announces the journey and sets the epic in motion. It can often be replaced by an action (such as an invitation or announcement) instead of a person.

Helps students on their journey. Provides fundamental knowledge for the success of the heroine. Athens is presented in step 9, ‘The Encounter with Athens’. Unlike other allies, Athena represents the sharing of knowledge and the source of wisdom. All the help that comes from this character is always true information, an important tip and a direct contact with relevant knowledge in the area of ​​study.