Science is for women

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By 2030 we want to have 50% of the female presence in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, also known by the acronym STEM.

That’s because we are living the Fourth Industrial Revolution and it encompasses technologies for automation and data exchange and uses concepts of cyber-physical systems, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing.

And all this for what?  To improve the efficiency and productivity of human processes.

And when these processes are mostly done by men?  That’s where researchers, researchers, professors and professors look to make diversity happen and thus, fewer selection processes are led to errors and failures like Tay, the Microsoft chatbot created to interact with Twitter users learning the millennial language and who, in a matter of hours, was reproducing sexist and racist speeches.

Great to teach machines to help and optimize everyday situations or even for larger applications such as medicine or city traffic.  The great challenge is to teach the machine to respond to the unexpected, while animals respond by instinct and humans respond by reasoning, machines need to be programmed to respond to the activities for which they were designed and the more diversity, the more innovative and inclusive solutions. 

So we are going to invite you, young woman student, to participate in the team of heroines, who make up, through stages, a successful journey in the STEM career, learn about the proposal, be inspired by real stories and contribute to a revolution in favor of more egalitarian professional careers.

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