Female talent put to the test….

Published by Gisele Cavalcante on

Research from the University of Illinois, New York University and Princeton University, in the United States, showed that female children from the age of 6 presented themselves and were believed to be less intelligent than boys of the same age.

Among the activities chosen to compose the research, two types of games were presented. One for “very, very smart” people and one for “very, very hardworking” people. Both were similar in terms of difficulty and without a gender definition, children had to choose for each which was the smartest and which was the most difficult.

What the Results?

Five-year-olds chose their own gender as the smartest, but six- and seven-year-olds tended to find women synonymous with hardworking and unintelligent when compared to men.

Somewhat surprising and expected, in the face of a patriarchal society, where women from an early age put themselves to the test and usually fail in front of men. And that’s why areas like engineering, math, technology and science are so far removed from them. But, it doesn’t have to be and that’s why we’re here!

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