Flipped Classroom

Published by Gisele Cavalcante on

Moving away from the traditional, from the Flipped Classroom or Blended Learning, it is when the teacher or professor stops centralizing the explanation, the exercise and the contextualization in himself.

The literal concept comes from role reversal, students do not expect teachers to explain the content and then do the exercises and contextualize the subject, they anticipate something to the student and they, with their own autonomy, will develop what was requested.

This form of teaching methodology is more interesting because learning comes at the student’s pace and helps to engage with all levels of difficulties that differ between them.

External tools lead the student to explain (internet, forums, etc.) and it is up to the teacher, as a mentor, to validate the learning in the classroom.

This is an optimized and stimulating way of learning that we adopted in Heroine’s Learning Journey.

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